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To build a famous production base for precision fasteners in the world

The development of the fastener industry is in full swing under the good situation of China's sustained economic growth. According to the data of the National Bureau of statistics in 2006, the fastener industry in China will grow at a rate of 17% per year. The fastener industry in China has been growing at a rate of over 10% for 7 consecutive years since 2000, and it is the only one in the history of the world's Industrial Development.

After fifteen years of effort, the inch gold industry has grown into a famous research and development base for precision fasteners in China. With the fierce competition in the market and the development trend of the industry, the original production and operation mode has gradually restricted the vision of the rapid development of the inch gold industry. The "gold industry" at the top of the United States, Japan, summed up the development trend of Taiwan, South Korea and other fastener industry, prediction law of fastener industry China market will preview of developed countries, from mass production batch production into a collective and unified scale. The Jiangxi Guangfeng precision fastener Industrial Park, which is about to be put into production, is a long-term development project established for the high speed growth for the next ten years. This project is supported by Jiangxi provincial government, and accepted by peers, in the Jiangxi province of Guangfeng to build precision fastener production base in the world famous, successful enterprises of central and southwest China to provide high quality fasteners, high performance and low cost solution.

The production base strives to innovate in the operation mode, break the traditional large-scale production form of the production base, and use compound operation management mode to divide, divide and divide the management of equipment, production, management, sales and financing. At the same time, it provides an innovative platform for enterprise management and production management at the same time. This platform has been verified as a fast and effective production management mode abroad, helping employees, partners, customers and suppliers to make progress together while increasing their value. The project has been recognized by the Youth College of entrepreneurship at the Central Committee, and plans to grant the title of "China's excellent young technician Pioneer Park".